How to Decode a Huawei E303 Modem

Do you have a HUAWEI modem coded by your ISP or a telecommunication network? Here is a guide to decode it easily.

Here is how to decode your HUAWEI E303 modem easily, quickly and for free!

How to decode a HUAWEI modem

Even if in this article we take the example on HUAWEI E303 modems, this method can work for other types of modem HUAWEI especially or any other brand, so first take the time to try, do not limit yourself not only to the HUAWEI brand.

To decode a HUAWEI modem, you must first have the IMEI code of the latter and once done, you will have to use a "HUAWEI UNLOCK CODE CALCULATOR" so that it generates the code to use to make your modem standard!

How to find the IMEI code of a HUAWEI modem?

The IMEI number is usually a unique 15-digit number that is used to identify your device whether it's a phone or anything else.

Generally to find it, you must open your battery and note the numbers following the mention "IMEI".

How to obtain the unlock code of a HUAWEI modem without software

If you do not want to use software to obtain the unlock code for your HUAWEI modem, you can use an online service such as the GMSS site Just enter your IMEI code and click on "  CALC  ".

Important  : If the IMEI code of your modem begins with "35", your "UNLOCK CODE" is the first "V1 CODE". But if it starts with "86", your UNLOCK CODE is "V3 (V201 CODE) or V2 CODE".

Keep your code somewhere, because you will use it later to decode your HUAWEI modem  !

Method 1: Decode your HUAWEI modem without software

To test if everything works well, you must insert a SIM card not recognized by your modem in it so that it refuses and thus proceed to decoding!

Step 1  : Try to connect to your modem which will definitely open your web browser.

Step 2  : You will probably receive an error message saying that your "  device or device is locked  " and therefore you must "  COPY-PASTE YOUR UNLOCK CODE  " and finally "  VALIDATE  ".

Step 3  : The system will check if the "UNLOCK CODE" is correct and will "  unlock  " your modem by restarting it and once done, it will finally detect your new SIM card.

Method 2: Use a software to unlock a HUAWEI modem

If despite the wrong SIM card your modem does not ask for an unlock code, you will have to resort to third-party software like HUAWEI Code Writer to download for free.

Step 1  : Launch the application after downloading and click on "  PLEASE SELECT COM PORT  " then in the new window that appears, click on "  DETECT  ". After detecting your modem, select it and click on "  ACCEPT  ".

Step 2  : click on "  UNLOCK CODE  " that you had copied previously then validate your action.

Step 3  : Wait a moment and you will see a message telling you that "  your modem has been decoded successfully  "!

That's it for this tutorial and we hope it has been helpful to you. Otherwise if you have difficulties, we will be happy to assist you! Ask your questions in comments

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