Download Microsoft Toolkit v2.6.7 Free Activator for Windows 7/8/10 and Office

Get a direct link to download Microsoft Toolkit v2.6.7 to activate for free and crack your Windows 7/8/10 and Microsoft 2010/2016 products

Microsoft Toolkit is a Windows Activator family tools using KMS (Key Management Server) technology in French License Management Server. This utility allows you to activate all versions of Windows starting with the Windows XP version up to Windows 10 and from Office 2010 to Office 2016.

The ToolKit software offers a system that allows you to make a simple or detailed inventory of all the tools available. It also allows you to classify devices and organize specific tasks.

How to activate Windows and Office without buying the activation key?

If the trial period for Microsoft products has expired, you are likely to experience multiple complications in the use of your applications.

For example for Windows 10, you will not be able to configure your device 100% because some features are automatically blocked and ask you to enter the product key; the same for Office Suite products.

So in this guide, I'll show you how you can activate your products without problems and without having to pay the activation key or license from Microsoft or from one of its resellers.

Warning: This practice is prohibited in some countries and may lead to legal action; so if you can, I advise you to buy your product.

Microsoft ToolKit does not contain any viruses, and even though it may be detected by your antivirus as being dangerous, it is just a utility classed as "HACKTOOLS" and therefore can not corrupt your operating system.

Windows versions, or the operating system that supports the Microsoft Office toolkit

• Windows Vista

• Windows 7

• Windows 8 / 8.1

• Windows server 2008 R2

• Windows 10

• Windows server 2012 R2

Ms Office Activable versions

• MS Office 2003,

• Ms Office 2007,

• Office 2010,

• Office 2013,

• Office 356,

• Office 2016

How to enable all versions of Windows and Office with Microsoft toolkit

Step 1: First of all, start by downloading Ms Toolkit. Several RAR and ZIP archives that you will find are password protected, please use this link to download Microsoft Toolkit without password.

Step 2: Before extracting the software from the archive, first think about deactivating your antivirus so that it does not block the launch of the application

Step 3: Launch the application, and then click on the Windows logo if you want to crack Windows or Office if you want to activate a Ms Office product.

Step 4: A new interface will open and in its "MAIN" menu you will be able to see if the version of your product is supported or not. If it is supported, change tab and go to the "ACTIVATION" tab and finally click on "EZ ACTIVATOR".

When the activation is complete you will receive the "Product activation successful" message.

However, if you receive the message "Cannot Activate because this product is incapable of KMS Activation" know that the version of your product is not compatible with Ms Toolkit.

Microsoft Toolkit Alternatives

Microsoft Toolkit v2.6.7 is not the only Windows 10 and Office Activator on the market, you can also use KMS Pico or KMS Nano or KMS Auto Net or simply KMS Activator.

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