Best Free iOS Emulators for Windows Pc

Here are the best free iOS emulators that you can use to run iOS applications and games on a Windows PC.

An emulator allows you to run an application from one platform on another platform where its use would be totally impossible.

In this article, we talk about the best free Windows iOS emulators that you can use to either run your games and different applications from your iPhone or iPad directly to a Windows PC.

Why use an iOS emulator for Windows?

Emulators are initially designed for mobile application developers for testing purposes, but you can also use them for one of the following reasons:

  • Want to have a virtual copy of your iPhone or iPad directly on your computer
  • Play on a bigger screen some of your best mobile games that are not available on Pc
  • Directly run some mobile apps like WhatsApp directly on your PC even if you do not have a smartphone
  • Etc.

Best Free iOS Emulator for PC Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7


This tool is one of the best versatile and easy IOS emulators that allows you to play IOS games and run the Applications on a Windows computers


A very simple utility to use but however very slow and it is paying but a free trial version for 7 days is available.


Probably the best iPad emulator, it gives you the impression of having a real iPad in hand and has a version for Android.


The best alternative to App.io, and many think it's better as an iPhone emulator. It allows the development of Android and iOS applications using the Cloud.

Unfortunately it is in paid and free version with 100 minutes of testing only


This iOS emulator allows you to create a virtual iPhone on your Windows PC. Note that this tool also supports Adobe Air Framework which is too essential for a user.

The operation of Air iPhone requires an installation of Air Framework


A tool I like and well known by the developers of " .NET " (DotNet) that is to say the developers using the C #, VB.NET, and all the other languages ​​used in Microsoft Visual Studio or it is already installed in its latest version.

Xamarin can test mobile applications so understand that it is not only an emulator iOS but it is also an Android emulator.


A tool very well known for excellent graphics quality especially for iPhones games. Also try and give your impressions too


An emulator well optimize for 3D games, it is a very good emulator iPhone for games on your Windows PC that you can download.

Do you know another good iOS emulator that we have forgotten?

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