How to hide your files (photos, videos, music, apps & SMS) in Android

Here's how you can proceed to hide certain files on your Android Smartphone. You can do this without an application or use third-party applications.

A Smartphone is made to be personal Unfortunately often our phone falls into the hands of the curious who cannot do without poking through our files and even can fall on files they should not normally see.

The best solution in this case is to protect your Smartphone with a password; but what if someone masters our password?

In this tutorial we will see how to protect files in an Android Smartphone, an extra layer to protect the lock password of our phone.

How to hide photos or videos on Android

To hide photos or videos on Android, you can use two more popular solutions:

First solution: hide files on Android without third-party application

To hide files and even folders on Android without having to resort to a third-party application would simply imply to hide the entire folder and thus this folder will no longer be visible in your folder manager unless the option "Show Folders and hidden files" is enabled on your device.

Unlike the "Properties" menu that we used to use in Windows, Android is totally different, faster and easier. Just rename the folder or file and precede it with a dot ".” for it to be hidden.

Second solution: use an application to hide files on Android

For this move we will choose a random application to hide files on your Android Smartphone. In our example we will use "ES File Explorer".

Step 1: Start by downloading ES file Explorer first and then install it. You can still use the native file manager of Android because it is also an application.

Step 2: Open the download manager and click on "More menus" or "..." then on "New"

Step 3: Create a folder called ".nomedia" with your file manager. The point is absolutely obligatory as for the previous method.

Step 4: Move to the directory created .nomedia all the files you want to hide.

Important: No application, even the gallery will not be able to access files placed in .nomedia but the problem is that they will always be visible in the file manager. It would be too wise to place the file ".nomedia" in a less accessible place.

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