Free Internet: download and configure SlowDNS for Android

Here is how you can proceed to connect for free on the internet even if you do not have an internet package using the SlowDNS application.

It can happen that you live in a place where internet access is difficult or expensive but access to the internet is now one of the primary needs of all citizens of the world.

In this situation, you can opt for a free solution and even if such a connection can never have the same speed as a 4G connection, it is still better than not having any at all!

In this article we discuss the method to browse the internet for free with the SlowDNS application that will allow you at least to surf for free with your Android Smartphone.

With these SlowDNS configurations you can have free internet connection all over the world. Some operators like Airtel, Orange, MTN, Tigo, Africell, ... works perfectly.

SlowDNS configurations to have a free internet connection on Android

In order to enjoy a free internet connection, please follow these instructions to properly configure SlowDNS.

Step 1  : Start by first downloading SlowDNS APK via the Google PlayStore

Step 2  : Also create a SlowDNS account via the Tunnel Guru website. After creating an account, your username and password will be sent to you via the email address you provided; so put the correct address.

Step 3  : Now it's time to set up your SlowDNS to enjoy the free internet on your Android phone.

  • In the first field, put your username,
  • In the second, your password,
  • In the third, choose the server: " FREE.TG1.NL "
  • In the fourth, put the DNS:
  • In the fifth and sixth, leave unchanged!

Step 4 : Click on "  Connect  " to start the connection.

Step 5  : If SlowDNS asks you to Accept the VPN connection request to monitor the network traffic, click "  OK  " .

Important  : Please note that downloading torrents files significantly disrupts the connection with SlowDNS; so remember to stop them all before starting your connection.

That's it for this article and we hope it helped you to have at least one internet connection with SlowDNS.

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