Best tips for getting started and mastering the WhatsApp app

If you're new to the WhatsApp app or even if you're old, make sure you're familiar with these basic features with our list of best tips and WhatsApp tips.

This article is not just for novices in WhatsApp; Even if you use the world's most popular email application, rest assured that you are at least familiar with all the tips in this article. And if you know others, why not share with others in comment?

Here are the basic features you should know in your WhatsApp application:

The best WhatsApp tips to know absolutely (basic WhatsApp features)

Some of these features will provide a solid foundation for your startup with the WhatsApp application.

1. Write in Bold, Italic, Strikethrough text on WhatsApp

It is possible to add "  GRAS  ", "  ITALIC  " and "  BAR  " on any text written in WhatsApp. To do this, follow these steps:

Add the "  " sign  before and after the word you want to bold without spacing. So to write "BONJOUR" in bold, we must proceed as follows: * HELLO *.

Add the "  " sign  before and after the word you want to italicize without spacing. So to write "BONJOUR" in italics, one must proceed as follows: _BONJOUR_.

Add the "  " character  before and after the word you want to cross without spacing. So to write "BONJOUR" in barred, one must proceed as follows: ~ HELLO ~.

2. Hide WhatsApp images from the gallery

If you want to make your photos or videos invisible in the WhatsApp Gallery option, just browse to your storage space (the SD card for example) and find the WhatsApp > WhatsApp-Pictures folder > then create y a file named "  .nomedia  " that will hide all your photos and videos from this folder.

3. Stop the automatic download of photos, videos, and audios

To stop downloading videos, photos, and audios that consume your mobile data, follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp > Settings > Reservations and change the settings according to what you want to block the download of media files.

4. Hide your profile picture

In  WhatsApp> Settings> Privacy , and there you can for example restrict visibility to yourself.

5. Protect your WhatsApp

There is no native way to protect your WhatsApp application with a password; however you can use a third-party application like WhatsLock .

6. List all the members of a group

If you want to list the names and numbers of all members of a group, just enter the group and enter the " @  " sign  to automatically list all the members belonging to the group.

7. Hacking a friend's WhatsApp conversation

To see your friend's conversation, you can go to File Manager  > WhatsApp > Databases and just copy the two files "  msgstore-aaa..jj..db.crypt  " and "  msgstrore.db.crypt  ". Just use a simple text editor like Notepad to read everything.

8. Create a fake WhatsApp conversation

Even if in the immediate future you can not see the utility, one day you will want to create a fake WhatsApp conversation and in this case figure, the application "  WhatsAid " will be very useful.

9. Use WhatsApp on computer

You can use WhatsApp from your computer just by going to  https://web.whatsapp.com or by installing an Android emulator like  Bluestacks .

10. Delete an incorrect message sent

In the mood, you can mislead recipient or write a message that you would not have to write. So if you realize quickly, you can delete the message for both you and the person you sent it to.

In this case, select the message then on the "  ...  " from above select "  Delete  " then "  Delete for all  " to delete this message.

Important  : Note that this operation is only possible if you want to perform this operation in less than an hour.

Here are the basics you need to know to use and master your WhatsApp application.

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