Free web sites to identify unknown songs

It is useless to want to become the title of a song you do not know; these sites help you easily identify them for free.

You already know that popular apps like Shazam or SoundHound allow you to easily identify unknown songs being played . But, what if you want to identify a song that does not play?

In this article we provide the solution that can help you identify those songs you love so much. One solution is to use an online service and even if these services are quite similar to "  MUSIC ID  " applications because they use an online database as a reference to try to find the music that best matches your query. ; the way they do it can often vary.

Some can do the identification by capturing your voice via a microphone, some others identify the song from the lyrics or analyze an audio file that you have downloaded.

Top Top Sites To Identify Online Music

1. Use Midomi to identify a song online

Midomi  is not only useful for identifying unknown songs, but it is also a community- driven website where users can connect. The service also has a digital music store with over 2 million tracks.

The service uses voice sampling. This can be useful when you need to identify a song that has already been played, but keep it cool in your mind. To use Midomi, all you need is a microphone. This can be an integrated device or an external device connected to a computer, for example.

The Midomi website is easy to use and you can sing, buzz or even whistle. When you can not use a music identification app to sample a song in real time, the Midomi website can be useful.

Midomi Benefits

  • Identifies songs from a 10-second sample sung or hummed.
  • Offers a free community experience.
  • Search by lyrics, artist or song title.
  • Need to sing in a microphone in an area where background noise is limited.
  • Some songs are not in the Midomi database.

Inconvenients of Midomi

2. Use Lyrster to identify a song for free

If you do not remember how a song happens, but you know a few words, that's all you need to get a result with  Lyrster  . As you've probably guessed, this service works by matching the lyrics rather than analyzing the actual sound.

The big advantage of using Lyrster is that it performs a search in over 450 websites of lyrics. So, in theory, you are more likely to get better results using this search engine.

The website is easy to use and works well, even though its music news feature has not been updated for a long time.

Benefits of Lyrster

  • Requires only a few words to identify the songs.
  • Search hundreds of lyrics sites.
  • News functionality is not maintained
  • The site is heavy.

Disadvantages of Lyrster

3. Use WatZatSong to identify music you do not know

If all else fails, you can always ask someone to name that melody, right? If you've tried singing, humming, whistling, downloading samples and typing words without success, then  WatZatSong  could be your only hope.

Rather than relying on a robot, it's sometimes better to ask real people on the net, and that's exactly how WatZatSong works. The website is community-based and all you have to do is post a sample so that other users can listen to it.

The service works well and you normally get a quick response - unless it's dark or inaudible.

Benefits of WatZatSong

  • Song identification led by the community.
  • Website visitors listen to your lyrics or song excerpt and provide answers or guesses.
  • An active community provides many answers in just a few minutes.
  • Inaudible samples or inaccurate words may not be answered.
  • No easy way to see if other people have already posted on the same song.

Disadvantages of WatZatSong

With these services identifying unknown songs online, rest assured that you have the opportunity to find all the songs of the world that you love!

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